Riviera of Ulysses

Whether they are historical and cultural, naturalistic and landscape,
or simply parks where you can spend a day in nature with our children,
Settebello Village and Camping is really located in a beautiful area of ​​Lazio,
the famous Riviera of Ulysses, did you know it?

Visit the historic center of Fondi and stop in the central square under the imposing Baronial Castle, or stroll through the alleys of the village, dotted with small shop windows and always full of activity. If, on the other hand, you love nature walks, it is possible to retrace an ancient stretch of Appia Antica on foot about 3 km long or discover the rarities of the Botanical Garden with your children, in the nearby Crocette area there is also a picnic area. equipped with tables and benches. Let us know! 

Sperlonga, a seaside village on the spit of land of Monte San Magno, is a true pearl of the Lazio coast. A full day to visit its scenic and other beauties, take a ride on the most pristine coast of Lazio and eat excellent fish on a terrace overlooking the sea ... and don't forget to visit the archaeological museum and the villa of Tiberius

Terracina, another gem of the coast of Roman origin, is dominated by the Temple of Jupiter Anxur from which you can see the entire archipelago of the Pontine Islands. Less known but certainly noteworthy is the Natural Monument of Campo Soriano, an area rich in geological elements such as the "hum" (isolated rocky struts that emerge from the ground in the shape of spiers, due to the intense karst that shapes the entire area. ). The tallest hum is known as the Cathedral, and reaches up to 18 meters in height.

Fossanova Abbey is not far from Terracina, and during the summer the medieval village that surrounds it is often the setting for many events, including historical re-enactments. From the beach of the Village you can see the Circeo promontory and we really suggest you go and visit it. An intimate and welcoming village with clubs and shops open until late in the evening. On the north side of the promontory there are still places that recall mythology and the Grotta della Maga Circe, near Torre Paola, is waiting to be visited (access only from the sea, by canoe or swimming). 

Even Sabaudia, although known for its beaches and wild dunes, has historical places to show such as the remains of Domitian's villa along the shores of Lake Sabaudia. Finally, from Settebello Village you can enjoy a splendid view of Ponza and Ventonene, and why not, also take advantage of our organized excursions to the islands, to discover places that are still unspoiled but with great charm, with very clean beaches and beautiful vegetation.

What else to visit or what to do? The Adventure Parks are very popular with children and we have 2 of them nearby: the Woodpark of the Aurunci Park (in Itri) and the Suspended Park of the Riviera di Ulisse (in Gianola). In addition to the paths suspended between the trees, orienteering activities and outdoor games are also offered to please the little ones. Among the destinations that are not really close but that we still recommend you to consider if you have time to take a walk, we suggest Le Grotte di Pastena, Piana delle Orme in Latina (an open-air museum on the whole 900, from toys to military vehicles of epoch) and the Garden of Ninfa.

For more or more information on the tourist destinations that you can visit, for the purchase of entrance tickets, for the ferries connecting with Ponza and Ventotene, for assistance on the attractions of the Region and for personalized tours, write to marketing@settebellovillage.com .