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Hospitality Certification

Hospitality Certification

WE RECEIVED THE ITALIAN HOSPITALITY CERTIFICATION We are pleased and proud to announce that Settebello Village and Camping, the only village in the province of Latina, has received for the first time, for the year 2021-2022, the Italian Hospitality Certification, a really important recognition that we want to share with you all ! 

Our structure has distinguished itself for the quality of the service, the professionalism of the staff, the hospitality capacity and transparency. The recognition of these values ​​makes us particularly proud, in fact, we have always paid the utmost attention to listening and to customer needs. Our commitment is always aimed at making your experience pleasant and unique. Everything we do, we do it with care, for you, putting our skills and skills acquired over time at your service. 

We are recognized for our commitment to promoting the area, and it could not be otherwise. Our structure has deep roots in this land, all our choices are closely linked to the specific context in which this activity originated. From the choice of ingredients for our traditional dishes, to the materials and furnishings selected for the structure, everything speaks of our territory. 
We are always ready to give you advice on what to do and where to go, to guide you in a place where we know places and people, big and small, because here we were born and we work every day. A warm invitation will always come to us to explore a rich territory like ours, which has so much to offer, hoping to be able to contribute to its enhancement. 

We always try to tell ourselves clearly and transparently, through all the channels we have available, offline and online. We make sure that everything speaks about us, with our language, and represents us in the best possible way, with consistency, to always live up to the trust you place in us. 

We would not have received the Italian Hospitality certificate without your valuable contribution
It is through the opinion of all those who have been our guests, through your comments, reviews and advice that our facility continues to grow, trying to improve more and more. It is the esteem you show us that makes us proud and capable of obtaining these successes. 

Find out more about the Italian Hospitality brand: https://www.isnart.it/cultura-e-qualita-dimpresa/ospitalita-italiana/